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Advanced Dental Technology in Our Metairie, LA Dental Practice

young woman smiling after receiving advanced dental technologyDentistry is a rapidly evolving field within medicine, and Dr. Nelson works diligently to make sure our office always has the latest, proven technology. The instruments detailed below enable him to provide extremely accurate, precise, and comfortable care, plus they allow him to easily explain a patient’s oral health and treatment options so they can feel completely at ease with their dental experience. Read on to learn more about some of the interesting devices we’ll use to help your smile shine!

Intraoral Camera

woman being treated with the Intraoral camera

One of the trickiest and most basic problems in all of dentistry is simply figuring out a way to look at every corner of the oral cavity during an exam. It’s harder than you might think, or at least it used to be thanks to our intraoral camera. Now, we can place a small, handheld device in the mouth that is able to capture crystal-clear, close-up images of the teeth and gums. This makes checkups extremely thorough, plus we can show you your own images to help you see your smile from our perspective, ensuring you’re always on the same page as our team.

Digital X-Rays

dentist looking at digital xrays

Did you know that more than half of each of your teeth is covered by your gums? A lot is going on in your smile that is hidden from the naked eye, and to ensure that no cavities or infections are occurring beneath the surface, we rely on digital X-rays. They take a fraction of the time to create images compared to traditional film, and they reveal much more detail as well. Even better, the process emits just 1/20th of the radiation, which is great news for both our patients as well as our team!

Digital Impression System

results of the digital impression system

Impressions have a wide range of uses within dentistry, as they allow us to create a model of a patient’s teeth and bite so we can design various restorations to guarantee the perfect look and fit. Now, we can produce impressions digitally by just scanning the teeth for a few minutes. This not only saves time compared to making a physical impression, but the patient experience is much more pleasant as well, as they don’t have to bite into a mold with dental putty for minutes on end anymore!

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