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Children’s Dentistry – Metairie, LA

Promote a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

young girl at dental examDid you know the dental care your child receives at a young age can impact their oral health into adulthood? Research shows children who visit their dentist regularly are more likely to commit to their dental health as adults. With oral health directly linked to general health, you can give your child the foundation they need for optimal wellbeing by taking them to a children’s dentist in Metairie. Dr. James Nelson strives to provide the compassionate care young smiles need through all stages of life. He creates the personalized solutions their teeth rely on to last for a lifetime.

Why Does My Child Need a Dentist?

young boy at dentist

Although the baby teeth eventually fall out, they have important roles while they are in place. Not only do they allow your child to speak and chew, but they also serve as placeholders for their permanent teeth. If a baby tooth is damaged or lost too soon, it can have lasting consequences for your child’s smile. Preventive dentistry preserves them until they fall out.

Routine dental care allows Dr. Nelson to monitor your child’s oral health through all stages of oral development. He can quickly detect any issues that may cause complications down the road to prevent the need for a costly or invasive treatment in the future.

When Should My Child See a Dentist?

young girl brushing teeth

It is best for your child to see their dentist for the first time before they turn 1 year old, but it is never too late to schedule an appointment. During their early visits, we perform a quick examination and clean their teeth if they let us. As your child becomes more familiar with our dental team, their appointments will become more comprehensive.

What Services Does My Child Need?

Your child should have a professional cleaning at least twice a year. Our dental hygienist removes any harmful buildup from their teeth. They take the time to discuss their current oral hygiene habits and offer tips for improvement. They finish your child’s cleaning by polishing their teeth.

If your child allows it, we make take digital X-rays of their mouth. This gives Dr. Nelson a complete picture of their smile. Besides performing a visual examination to assess their oral health, he will also review the X-rays. This allows him to see potential issues that may be brewing beneath the surface.

Dr. Nelson discusses his findings with you and takes the time to address any concerns you might have, like thumb sucking. Depending on your child’s individual needs, he creates a customized treatment plan to nurture a healthy smile, which can include a fluoride treatment or dental sealants.

If there comes a time when your child has an issue that must be treated, like a cavity, he keeps their comfort a top priority.

Encourage a Healthy Smile Today!

Give your child the foundation they need for superior dental health. Choose a dentist in Metairie who caters to young smiles. Contact our office today to schedule your child’s first visit. We look forward to meeting them.

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