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Dental Bridge or Partial Denture: Which One Is Best for You?

July 16, 2021

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partial denture replacing several missing teeth at once

Living without even one of your permanent teeth can limit your daily life, but the problems become even worse when you’re missing multiple teeth. Your self-confidence might plummet, and you may have trouble chewing your favorite foods. Luckily, you have two options for restoring the appearance and function of your smile. Below, a dentist explains the difference between partial dentures and dental bridges – and how to tell which one is right for you!


3 Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Summer

June 14, 2021

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Woman with attractive smile from cosmetic dentist If you’re not in love with your teeth, you don’t have to live with the unattractive smile you see in the mirror. You can achieve the picture-perfect teeth you deserve with the help of your cosmetic dentist. There isn’t any better time than now to invest in cosmetic dentistry. Here are 3 popular treatments to transform your smile for summer.


Maintain Your Summer Smile with These 4 Oral Health Tips

May 15, 2021

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a young woman standing outside and enjoying the weather after learning about summer oral health tips in Metairie

Maintaining your smile year-round takes hard work. You want your teeth and gums to look their best no matter if you’re planning to travel for the holidays or preparing for a getaway with family to the beach this summer. To do this, however, you must be diligent with more than just your oral hygiene routine. You must also stay hydrated, eat healthily, and be mindful of any habits that could negatively impact your pearly whites. As you get ready to enjoy these hot temperatures and some fun in the sun, here are 4 summer oral health tips to help you maintain your beautiful smile. 


Don’t Let Seasonal Allergies Harm Your Smile!

March 1, 2021

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woman blowing her nose

It’s hard to be excited about the fact that spring is in the air when you know it will just make your eyes itchy and your nose runny. Unfortunately, constantly blowing your nose isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Believe it or not, high allergen levels can also harm your smile because seasonal allergies can directly affect your dental health. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your smile while dealing with seasonal allergies.


Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month with New Dental Products!

February 7, 2021

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Little girl toothbrushing during National Children's Dental Health Month

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? Healthy teeth and gums are essential as your child’s precious smile and oral hygiene habits grow. With the right tools, not only can you make their brushing and flossing more effective, but you can make it engaging and exciting as well! Getting your child to have fun while caring for their pearly whites can make a huge difference in how well they maintain their oral health for the rest of their life. Here are some fun products to try out this National Children’s Dental Health month to keep those smiles happy and healthy!


3 Ways to Improve Your Smile for the New Year

January 12, 2021

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Woman smiling on New Year's Eve

Now that 2021 is finally here, there is no better time to think about all the changes you’d like to make to become the best version of yourself. When you’re planning on spending more time exercising, going to eat healthier, or are trying to do something kind every day, you’re in for an unforgettable year. Another way to set yourself up for success is by enhancing your smile. Continue reading to learn about some of the things you can do to feel more confident about your smile in Metairie, LA.


Dental Insurance: Save Money, Visit Your Dentist

December 23, 2020

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Closeup of woman smiling during dentist's appointment

If you are trying to tie up the purse strings a bit as the year comes to a close, you’re certainly not alone. Between the expenses that come with the holiday season and the unexpected events of 2020, it’s natural to cut costs where you can. However, before you add your next dental appointment to the list of superfluous expenses, it is important to remember that your checkups and cleanings can save you money, especially if you have dental insurance. Here’s how!


The 5 Qualities of a Great Candidate for Dental Implants!

November 10, 2020

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Dental implant candidate smiling while sitting in dental chair

Dental implants have quickly become one of the most popular tooth replacement options because of their many unique benefits, including their strength, longevity, and lifelike attributes. One of their advantages is the predictability of treatment—dental implants have a success rate of about 98%. Part of the reason for this is that dentists thoroughly examine patients for certain attributes before recommending this service. Read on to learn the 5 most important qualities of a good dental implant candidate to see if they’re the right option for your smile!


Invisalign Offers More Than Aesthetics

October 6, 2020

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Woman holding aligner showing the benefits of Invisalign. Did you know that it’s never too late to invest in a straight smile? Although braces are often viewed as a treatment for juveniles, 1 in 5 orthodontic patients are now over the age of 18. The increase in adults seeking treatment is attributed to less noticeable options for braces, like clear aligners. One of the most appealing benefits of Invisalign is its nearly invisible appearance, but aesthetics aren’t the only reason adults are choosing it as an alternative to metal braces. Here are 5 other advantages you can enjoy with clear aligners.


4 Tips for Improving Your Child’s Oral Health While Homeschooling

September 1, 2020

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little girl brushing her teeth against yellow-orange background

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the beginning of this school year is unlike any that has come before it. Even if your child’s education isn’t completely remote, kids are spending more and more time at home than ever before. Without the daily routine of physically going to school every day, it can be hard to stay on track with your little one’s dental health. To prevent your son or daughter from developing cavities, read the following four tips about maintaining excellent oral health for kids.

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