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Amenities – Metairie, LA

Keeping You Comfortable During Your Visit

A middle-aged woman relaxing against a couch while waiting to see her dentist in Metairie

Think of all the times you’ve entered a dentist’s office only to be met with a few magazines and the sound of a nearby fish tank to keep you occupied until your appointment. When walking back to the treatment room, the surroundings didn’t improve, only offering a bit of light music and a computer screen that will, in time, show your dental X-Rays.

At Nelson Dental Care, you don’t have to worry about being met with the bare minimum or nothing at all. Instead, Dr. Nelson and his team go the extra mile to offer a host of amenities to make your visit welcoming, calming, and comfortable. From neck pillows and hot towels to bottled water and noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, you will receive the VIP treatment while allowing us to take care of your smile.

Neck Pillows

A young female smiling while holding onto a neck pillow for comfort

Want your neck to remain in a comfortable position throughout your dental checkup and cleaning or elective procedure? We will provide you with clean, soft pillows to help make you more comfortable while receiving treatment.

Warm Blankets

A stack of warm blankets, each in a different color

Many dental offices may seem cold to patients arriving for appointments. This is why we want you to feel nice and cozy with a fresh, warm blanket. Our team will be happy to provide you with one upon request.


A young child wearing sunglasses while having dental work performed

Is the overhead light used during your visit too bright? If so, you can request a pair of sunglasses. These light blockers will protect your eyes and allow you to have a more enjoyable experience that doesn’t require you to squint or simply keep your eyes closed.

Nitrous Oxide

A young boy with a nasal mask preparing to receive nitrous oxide

Feeling a bit nervous about your visit? Worried about the potential pain you might feel? With nitrous oxide, we can quickly calm your nerves safely and effectively in a matter of minutes, allowing us to provide the care you need while you fully relax. The best part is you’ll experience no poor side effects and can resume normal activity within minutes of the gas being turned off.

Conscious Sedation

A young woman sitting back in the dentist’s chair and smiling before her visit

If you’re preparing to undergo a more complex dental procedure, or your dental anxiety is a bit more severe, we can offer oral conscious sedation. Provided to you by our dental team, you can take this oral medication at home before your appointment. This will ensure you are fully relaxed throughout your visit, and you may not remember much of what occurred during your appointment.

Hot Towels

An up-close image of a woman holding a hot towel in her hands

If you want a real spa-like treatment, our team can provide you with a hot towel. If you’re feeling cold while you wait, you can quickly warm up and feel refreshed during your visit.


An up-close image of a female using an iPad while waiting to see her dentist

Whether it’s surfing the Internet, watching a video, or learning more about your favorite dentist, Dr. James Nelson, we can provide iPads for you to enjoy while waiting to see our warm and welcoming dental team.

Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

A middle-aged gentleman sitting back with his eyes closed wearing noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones

We know the sounds of a dentist’s office can be unappealing and even anxiety-filled for some people. This is why we can offer noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones upon request. With these helpful, electronic devices, you can drown out the noise and simply relax.

Movies or TV Shows on Netflix

An individual scrolling through Netflix to find a TV show on an iPad

Want to enjoy your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix? You can! During your visit, we can provide you with ways to catch up on your beloved drama or comedy, allowing you to take the focus off your visit and get lost in the storyline of your favorite show!

Cable TV

An up-close image of a person with their hand on a remote and a TV on in the background

Don’t feel like holding an iPad or listening to music? We offer Cable TV to keep your mind at ease and refocused. You can rest assured that the shows we play will be suitable for all ages.

Music on Pandora

A person listening to streaming music on their iPhone

If music is what you enjoy, we can help you channel your inner singer by offering Pandora. Here you can listen to your favorite tunes. Whether you prefer classical, rock, country, or blues, we’ve got the music for you!

Bite Pillows

Picture of bite blocks “teeth pillows”

To make the process of biting down more comfortable for you and more accessible for Dr. Nelson and his team, we can provide bite pillows that will keep your cheeks and lips away from your teeth and gums.

Isolite System

A female patient undergoing dental work while the dentist uses the Isolite System

As dentists, it sometimes feels as if we need an extra set of hands. Fortunately, with the Isolite System, one mechanism can isolate, illuminate, retract, suction, and offer complete patient safety. This particular dental device allows for greater efficiency, which means you’re resuming normal activity much sooner than before!

Optragate Lip and Cheek Retractors

An image of a dentist whitening a patient’s smile while having them wear Optragate lip and cheek retractors

When preparing to receive teeth whitening treatment or another form of dental service that requires isolating the teeth and gums, we can use Optragate Lip and Cheek Retractors to keep your soft oral tissues away from solutions that could potentially irritate them.

Lip Balm

A tube of lip balm lying on a table with the cap off

We know your lips can become dry while receiving any form of dental work, which is why we are happy to provide you with lip balm to coat your lips. This will help to keep them moisturized and prevent cracking.

Bottled Water

A bottle of water with the cap off and it is pouring out

Want some added hydration? Our stock of bottled water can quench your thirst and help you to bring moisture to your mouth. Many dental procedures can easily dry out the oral cavity, so requesting a bottle of water can help get those salivary glands working again.


A to-go cup of coffee sitting on a table

Heading to work after your dental visit? Didn’t get that cup of coffee before you left the house? No worries! Our beverage station provides everything you need to mix up a warm beverage while you wait. The best part is that our team will be able to clean the remnants, so you don’t have to worry about any of it remaining on your teeth for too long.


A person dipping a tea bag into a hot cup of water

If coffee isn’t your morning, afternoon, or evening drink of choice, not to worry. We also offer a selection of tea for you to choose from.

Hot Chocolate 

A glass filled with hot chocolate

Want a more deliciously yummy beverage to warm your insides and help you feel right at home? You and your child can both enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate while you wait to see our dental team.