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Dentures – Metairie Dentures, LA

Replacement Teeth That Look Like the Genuine Article

older woman with dentures in Metairie grinning from ear to ear Are there pieces missing from your smile? The spaces left behind after tooth loss can make you feel self-conscious about being around other people. Not to mention, you might have trouble enunciating your words clearly or chewing your favorite foods. At Nelson Dental Care, we have just the solution you need – dentures! These prosthetic teeth are personalized to complete your smile with a natural-looking solution. Don’t wait to fill the gaps in your grin – contact us today to schedule a consultation about dentures in Metairie, LA with Dr. James Nelson!

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

man asking his dentist in Metairie questions about dentures

When it comes to tooth replacements, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. That said, most adults who are dealing with tooth loss are good candidates for dentures. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve only lost a couple of teeth or an entire arch; Dr. Nelson can create a custom denture that restores your smile to full beauty and function. During your consultation, he’ll let you know which type of denture is best for your smile. He’ll also address any existing oral health issues you may have to ensure that your new teeth have the stable foundation they need to last for years to come.

Types of Dentures

older man at a consultation for dentures

Dentures have come a long way since the days of George Washington’s famous false teeth. Modern dental technology allows us to provide you with replacement teeth that look like the genuine article. Each of the three types of dentures consists of a pink acrylic base and lifelike artificial teeth. Depending on the specifics of your situation, your dentist in Metairie will recommend one of the following:

Partial Dentures

partial denture replacing several teeth along the bottom arch

Partial dentures are ideal for patients who still have a number of natural teeth remaining in an arch. A personalized number of replacement teeth on a metal or plastic framework is secured into place behind your real teeth using clasps, seamlessly filling in the empty spaces.

Full Dentures

dentist holding a set of full dentures

As you may have guessed, a full denture restores an entire arch of missing teeth. Instead of clasps, though, a full denture stays in place via a natural force of suction against the gums. Denture adhesive can also be used for extra stability.

Implant Dentures

four dental implants supporting a full denture on the lower arch

If you miss the chewing power of real teeth, then we can anchor a full or partial denture onto dental implants. These titanium posts are placed directly in the jaw, where they merge with the bone to recreate the roots of your lost teeth. As a result, implant dentures feel more natural, last longer, and prevent the slippage that tends to accompany traditional dentures over time.

The Benefits of Dentures

older couple shopping for fruits and vegetables

For centuries, countless people have reconstructed their smiles with dentures. Today’s dentures are even more comfortable and realistic than ever before! Some of the benefits that you can enjoy with dentures include: