How Do I Get Whiter Teeth? 4 Treatments from Your Dentist

November 9, 2022

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happy patient who answered “How do I get whiter teeth?”

Maybe you’ve tried the whitening strips, the toothpastes, and the treatments from the drugstore that claim they can brighten your smile. If you have, you probably experienced disappointment and frustration with how little these products achieved. At this point, you may be wondering: “How do I get whiter teeth?”

Fortunately, you have more options available to you through your dentist, including teeth whitening (both in the office or at home), veneers, or metal-free restorations. Keep reading to learn more about these treatments and how your dentist can help you finally see the results you want.

In-Office Whitening

Although the stains left on your teeth probably took many years to accumulate, they actually can be removed in approximately an hour at the dentist’s office with Zoom Whitening, a professional-grade product. Unlike commercial whitening gels, toothpastes, and strips, this option not only works much, much faster but also gives you about ten shades of difference.

At-Home Whitening

If you’d rather whiten from your home at your convenience, your dentist can provide you with a take-home kit with a solution that’s still significantly more powerful than anything you can buy at the store. For about 30 minutes a day, you simply wear customized trays with the Opalescence whitening gel and see your stains transform into a brilliantly white smile over time. You may notice results sooner, but the treatment needs to be carried out over the course of about two weeks.


Sometimes tooth discoloration doesn’t respond to whitening treatment. As effective as the Opalescence treatment is for surface stains, it cannot whiten teeth that are discolored as a result of certain medications, genetics, or the like. In these scenarios, porcelain veneers are the treatment of choice to cover up dull-looking teeth. The natural-looking ceramic veneer allows you to hide deep discoloration and have confidence to let your teeth show when you smile, laugh, and talk.

Crowns & Other Restorations

For teeth that require additional work or are misshapen, the entire tooth may need to be covered with a new dental crown or filled in with composite resin to address discoloration. While these restorations contained metal in the past, which attracted the wrong kind of attention, nowadays, they are made of dental ceramic and other materials that can shaded to your desired whiteness.

In the end, regardless of the procedure you’re interested in, all of these effective treatments can only be accessed with your dentist, so don’t put off scheduling a consultation anymore! Whiten your teeth and fall in love with your smile again!

About the Author

With about 10 years of dentistry experience, Dr. James Nelson has improved many, many smiles. In his continuing education coursework, he has completed the Heartland Aesthetic Continuum and has studied with the Spear Institute, a prestigious organization in dentistry, to refine his skills, particularly in cosmetic procedures. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Nelson, you can reach out to his practice, Nelson Dental Care in Metairie online or call 504-887-3311.